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RainDrop Siding Backing

For Exterior Siding that will give you a lifetime of results, it starts with what’s underneath.

That’s where our Raindrop 3D underlayment outperforms all other house wrap systems. When putting siding up over wall sheeting, a building wrap if some kind must be installed first. Do not let anyone install siding without a building wrap! A building wrap will help manage moisture, or prevent air leakage….or in the case of our Raindrop 3D wrap, it will perform both functions.


  • Drain water better than any other wrap on the market today
  • The first wrap with innovative drainage channels
  • Keeps walls safe and dry
  • Channels won’t crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall
  • Can severely limit air leakage through walls to reduce energy costs
  • Meets all the building code requirements of an air barrier, a water-resistive barrier, and a drainage wrap

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